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Location: FAQ

 Audio guiding :
   Q1. Working principle and trigger setting of two neighboring exhibitions?
   Q2. Setting and realizing of anti-theft function?
   Q3. Does audio guide AG-600 support audio-video sync?
   Q4. Dose AG-600’s language can be switched automatically?
   Q5. Does AG-600 support anti-theft function?
   Q6. How about the battery life of RF sensor RFT-6 and Infrared sensor IRT-6?
     How to check battery states of them?
 Tour guiding :
   Q1. How many receivers could get connected with the transmitter?
   Q2. How many frequency bands are available?
   Q3. How many channels can be used simultaneously?
   Q4. How about the operating time?
   Q5. Why we use metal shell?
   Q6. What's the mean by "38 Fixed-channels and 32 User-channels"?


 Others :
   Q1. Can we place the sample order for testing?
   Q2. What is your payment term?


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