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GPS Audio Guide System AG-500



  RFID trigger playback

  GPS positioning playback



  Main Features of GPS audio guide system

    Super portable design, super mini, light weight and metal shell.
    Support RFID signal trigger playback.  
    Support GPS, GLONASS and BDS satellite positioning playback.  
    GPS data wireless synchronization function, The data in GPS Collector can be transmitted to the vehicle audio guide
      by wireless.  
    96*64 dot matrix LCD display.  
    Support audio files of MP3 format, 8-48KHz sample rate, 8-320kbps bit rate and VBR.  
    99 different languages available, more than 4096 audio files supported by each language.  
    Support to select language by user.
    With play restrict and play times statistics functions, applied to rental.
    With the functions of play,/pause,fast forward/fast rewind, previous/next.
    The latest three trigger contents can be selected and replayed.
    Auto playing background music when trigger playing ended.
    With the function of trigger prompt to remind listening.
    Play salutatory when visitors enter scenic area,and play valedictory when visitors leaving.  
    With anti-theft alarm function.  
    With audio video sync function, visitors will hear synchronous audio when video is playing.  
    Unique separation design of unit and clip, suitable for various ways to wear.  
    Built-in lithium ion polymer battery, continuous operating time is more than 12 hours.  
    Parameters only can be changed by wireless decoder, prevent guests amending parameters.  
    Different chargers for choice, convenient for charging, storage and disinfection.  
    Special upload software convenient to update audio contents.  
     Recommended GPS bus audio guide system for cruise ships and sightseeing cars in the scenic area

  Smart Triggering


RFID signal positioning trigger play


GPS satellite positioning trigger play

   Place a RFID trigger on each scenic spot, the audio    Import GPS coordinate information into AG-500 in  
   guide unit will play audio when receiving signal from    advance, it will play audio when receiving signal from  
   RFID trigger.    GPS satellite.  

  Application of Audio Video Synchronization



The video output of audio video
sync trigger AVT-6 connect to
video display.
Visitors who carry Audio Guide
unit enter trigger area of audio
video sync trigger AVT-6.
The audio guide unit would
trigger and play synchronous
audio of video in visitors’
required language automatically.

  Uploading and charging


  System Specification of GPS audio guide system

    Satellite Positioning  GPS/GPS+BeiDou/GPS+GLONASS (support dual mode)  
 Area of GPS Positioning  2~100m (depend on GPS Collector range setting)  
 Frequency of RFID Trigger  2.4GHz  
 Area of RFID Triggering  0~100meters (depend on the RFID trigger range setting)  
    Audio File Format  Mp3 Format (8-48KHz sample rates, 8-320kbps bit rate)  
 Memory Capacity  4GB (Optional 8G/16G/32G)  
    Multi-Language  99  
    Tracks Number  4096 (per language)  
    Display Screen  LCD 96*64 display, white back light  
    Play Controls  Previous/Next, Fast forward/Fast rewind, Play/Pause  
    Anti-theft Alarm Function  Support  
    External Earphone  3.5mm stereo  
   Volume  32 steps electronic volume control  
   Audio Frequency Response  50~18000Hz  
   Distortion  <0.02%  
   Audio Dynamic Range  88dB  
   S/N Ratio  96dB  
   Operating Temperature  -10~60℃  
   Power Supply  Lithium ion battery 3.7v/900mAh  
   Operating Time  About 12 hours  
    Dimension  69*42*14mm  
 Weight  50g (include battery)  

  Optional Accessories of GPS audio guide system

Wireless Decoder
RFID Trigger








Single-side Earphone
GPS Signal Transponder
Audio Video Trigger
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