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UHF Wireless Transmitter with MP3 Player






  Main Features

    Built-in MP3 player,combination of audio guiding and tour guiding.
    Support to select different languages (folder).  
    MP3 file can be play by numeral button.  
    Built-in RFID receiver to support RFID trigger playing MP3 file.  
    MP3 player with the functions of play/pause, fast forward/fast rewind, Previous/next.  
    Auto playing background music when playing ended.    
    With Audio-video synchronously transmitting function,it will transmit audio in different
   languages which is synchronous with video where video is playing.  
    Yellow and blue dual color OLED display.  
    OLED display MP3 files’ code, title, playback time, language and wireless transmission’s  
    channel, frequency, microphone gain, etc.  
    UHF band PLL synthesized design.    
    38 Fixed-channels and 32 User-channels design, frequency of User-channel can be set by user.  
    User-channel can be fast manual switched.  
    Built-in RFID receiver to support RFID trigger switch RF channel automatically.  
    Built-in high quality microphone core.    
    Support to connect with outward head microphone or lavalier microphone.  
    31 steps microphone gain adjustment (-10~+20dB) .    
    Microphone gains and volumes of music and speaker's voice can be adjusted separately.  
    Microphone quick-mute function.    
    Tour guiding priority function.MP3 playing will be paused automatically when speaker talking.  
    Compatible with SPL-32R and SPL-1600R in same frequencies.    
    High capacity lithium-ion battery,continuous operating time is more than 9 hours.    
    Can be wore by lanyard.      
    Special uploading software convenient for upload and update MP3 audio file.      

  Auto trigger play MP3 file


  Auto switch RF channel:


  Application of Audio Video Synchronization


  System Specification

    RF frequency range  UHF846~870MHz (F858-24)  
 Oscillation type  PLL synthesized  
 Tunable channels  38 Fixed channels + 32 user channels  
    Channel switch control  Manual keypad switch & Automatic triggering switch  
 Switching bandwidth  24MHz
    Tunable steps  625KHz (fixed channel) / 25KHz (user channel)  
    Frequency stability  ±0.005% (0~50)℃  
 Pre-emphasis FM ±45KHz deviation compressor  
    RF power output  20mW  
    Harmonic suppression  >50dB  
    Microphone Input  3.5mm connector (tip)  
   Microphone gain
 -10dB~+20dB (step = 1dB,31 steps)  
   Display screen  128*64 dot matrix, OLED Double Color  
   Power supply  Lithium ion battery 3.7v/1020mAh  
   Operating time  9~10 hours  
   Dimension  138mm * 49mm * 16mm  
   Weight  70g (include battery)  
    Compatible receiver  SPL - 32R、SPL - 1600R  
  Specifications of Built-in MP3 Player
   MP3 file  8-48KHz sample rates, 8-320kbps bit rate  
   Memory Capacity  4GB  
   Ways of Play  Keypad play& Automatic triggering play  
   Multi-Language  99  
   Tracks Number  4096(per language)  
   Display of object name  Multi-language supported  
   Play controls  Play/Pause, Fast forward/Fast rewind, Previous/Next  
   MP3 monitoring output  3.5mm connector (ring)  
  Specifications of Built-in RFID Receiver
   RFID Frequency Range  ISM 2.4GHz  
   RFID Channel number  4  
   Receiving Range  0-100m (depend on RFID trigger)  
   Triggering Control  RF channel switching & mp3 contents playing  
   Note① : Country depended
   F652-24: Frequency Band 640~664MHz (38 Fixed channels+32 User channels)
   F800-24: Frequency Band 788~812MHz (38 Fixed channels+32 User channels)
   F864-02: Frequency Band 863~865MHz (81 Fixed channels+32 User channels)
   F858-24: Frequency Band 846~870MHz (38 Fixed channels + 32 User channels)
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