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Portable Wireless Receiver SPL-32R


 Special features of portable wireless receiver

    Portable design, super compact and lightweight.
   Metal aluminum alloy shell design.
   UHF band PLL synthesized design.
   38 Fixed-channels and 32 User-channels design, frequency of User-channel can be set by user.
   32 channels (languages) can be switched quickly.
   96*64 dot matrix White LCD display.
   "Digital Pilotone & RF Noise Lock" dual-squelch circuit of Soolai original creation, to improve anti--interference
   performance of system.
   LCD display channel, frequency, volume, battery state, RF level, audio level and overload prompt .
   High performance double-IF circuit design, with high sensitivity.
   Adopt multi-stage high performance RF filter, with high anti-interference performance to ensure mutiple channels can  
   be used simultanously without interference.
   Digital 16-step volume control.
   Digital 21-step SQ adjusting.
   Parameter setting with password protection.
   Built-in polymer ion polymer battery, continuously working for 12-13 hours.
   Unique design of the main device and the clip is separated, and there are two ways of wearing by lanyard and waist
   Variously charging equipments for choice, convenient to charge, disinfect, store and carry.

 Specifications of portable wireless receiver

    RF Carrier Frequency Range  UHF 788-812MHz (F800-24 )  
 Oscillation Type  PLL Synthesized  
 Frequency Stability  ±0.005% (0~50℃)  
   Display Screen   LCD Display  
 Tuneable Channel  38 Fixed channels+32 User channels  
   Switching Bandwidth  24MHZ  
 Tunable Steps  625KHz (Fixed channel),25KHz(User channels)  
    RF Sensitivity  2uV (60dB S/N)  
   Intermediate Frequency(IF)  Double-IF 110.6MHz/10.7Mhz  
   Image Rejection  80db typical  
   Spurious Rejection  80db typical  
    Antenna  Uses earphone cable (or custom 1/4λflexible)  
    Squelch Threshold  21 Steps, 2uV starts to control  
 Audio Output Connector  3.5mm connector  
 Audio Output  16setps digital volume  
 Minimum Load Impedance  12Ω  
 Power Supply  Built-in Lithium ion polymer battery 3.7v/600mAh  
 Operating Time  12-13 hours  
    Dimension  69mm * 42mm * 14mm  
    Unit Weight  Less than 50g (With battery)  
   Operating Temperature  -20℃ to +70℃  
    Shell  Metal aluminium alloy  
 Note① : Country depended
 F652-24: Frequency Band 640~664MHz (38 Fixed channels+32 User channels)
 F800-24: Frequency Band 788~812MHz (38 Fixed channels+32 User channels)
 F827-09: Frequency Band 823~832MHz (38 Fixed channels+32 User channels)
 F864-02: Frequency Band 863~865MHz (81 Fixed channels+32 User channels)
 F858-24: Frequency Band 846~870MHz (38 Fixed channels + 32 User channels)
 F915-26: Frequency Band 902~928MHz (42 Fixed channels + 32 User channels)
 Other frequency band can be customed
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